#A – What makes the Trimariner Internet Services “The Hosting System” so new wave?

Our system is unique due to the way our whole operation is designed to interact. Here at Trimariner Internet Services we develop and own the complete system; it starts with the process of buying a domain name and continues through the subsequent web hosting areas. Our teams are in close proximity; thereby, providing our clients (which we hope to count you among them soon) with expedient service. Our developers are placed beside our admins and our support team, which further augments our 24 hour customer service by negating extensive wait times. We ensure that a live person will always be available to answer your needs right away. No vicious automated phone system cycles where you feel lost and frustrated.

#B – What does TrueHybrid Hosting accomplish? How can I benefit?

By using TrueHybrid technology Trimariner Internet Services can combine Linux and Windows technologies to work collectively and efficiently on the same website. In essence, other companies have provided lesser versions of hybrid hosting by providing the option of hosting sites on Linux or Windows. Radically altering one’s universe, TrueHybrid actually allows you to upload both ASP and PHP pages to play well in the same sandbox (so to speak). Where else can you get such ease of operation that allows the files to work automatically and intuitively?

#C – Isn’t this seamless technology negated by mirroring one operating system?

While it is possible for Linux and Window servers to emulate one another, it can result in a quirky and unsteady combination. We feel that this outcome is unsubstantial and it provides an unrealistic shortcut. That technology always works better in a native environment is known truism. The Hosting System enables multiple native environments to project their power through their clustering enterprise system that really produces. Any ASP.net, PHP 4, PHP 5, Perl, Python, or any combination of these technologies used to build your site will be maximized using the TrueHybrid system.

#D – TrueHybrid seems impressive but what makes it tick?

Our advanced load balancing technology ensures your files are kept extremely secure behind our firewalls. While going beyond more conventional methods The Hosting System identifies each file type and segregates them appropriately. Therefore, all Linux-based pages are served from the Linux specific optimized clusters. The same method applies to the Windows-based files.

#E – Is the TrueHybrid system unnecessarily repetitive? What happens if a server goes down?

Single points of failure (SPFs) can be common in some hosting setups. One wrong slip up in a complex system can trigger a tragedy. In the past, only stable solutions were available through large companies like Yahoo or Amazon.com – but not anymore! The Hosting System’s advanced technology can provide the enterprise-level stabilization required by today’s demanding and tech savvy web developers and designers.

In order to provide this extreme efficiency, the enterprise level architecture has been developed from the ground up to be dependable, repetitive, and protected. Each website, through proprietary technology, is deployed across entire clusters of servers. As these clusters all work together intuitively they are prepared to immediately reroute web traffic if any component should fail. As a result other servers in the cluster will instantly recover without any lost data if a server crashes or a hard drive fails.

The System

#F – How was the storage system devised and how is the stability assured?

Trimariner Internet Services does not toy with your hard earned trust. We don’t fly by the seat of our pants. Three words back our confidence levels – RAID configuration and clusters. Our advanced architecture powers the Hosting System through high-performance, network attached storage devices. Within those storage devices the RAID configuration allows the drives to mirror one another ensuring redundancy. Then our advanced software secures your web pages, images and emails by clustering the storage devices into logical groups. The files are then replicated immediately across each device. As a third and final security method, your system data is backed up on a repetitive schedule.

#G – What is the backup schedule?

The Hosting System is set to backup your data each evening. Actually that practice secures the server side should disaster recovery be required. For example, if a storage node were to crash on Trimariner Internet Services side, our backups recover the data. One less thing to loose sleep over, but we still recommend that you continue to periodically backup your site on your computer, as we will be unable to specifically extract your site from our backups. Backups for MySQL or MS SQL databases may be uploaded from our servers directly via your desktop software, or through our online utilities.

#H – Which versions of Windows and Linux are being used by The Hosting System?

The Windows platform is running Windows 2003. The Linux platform side is on Debian 3.1 (Sarge) and Red Hat Enterprise Server.

#I – Why isn’t shell access being provided by The Hosting System?

We realize that shell access has some great benefits. However, we feel that to offer it at this time would prove a security risk. We do hope to make shell access available to clients at a later time.

Control Panel

#J – Who designed the Control Panel for Trimariner Internet Services ? It looks different from what I’m used to.

Frankly, we felt that typical Control Panels were not going to meet our unique needs. In order for the control panel to meet our needs, we built our own so it could fully realize The Hosting System’s performance capabilities. This customization allows us to make improvements in all facets of the interface, and in turn, provide you with a more insightful web hosting experience.

#K – Can I use other control panels with The Hosting System that I am used to, such as: Plesk, Ensim or CPanel?

Not really. Switching control panel software causes a huge headache for everyone involved. Life can be confusing enough. Many control panels work the same way essentially anyway. Our integrated control panel works so effortlessly to take full advantage of the many aspects of our platform. You’ll note how intuitively our system guides you through your web hosting experience as well. You won’t even miss your old control panels.

You will be able to add email addresses, databases, and domain name pointers. The interface has been designed to specifically address any functionality pertaining to your individual websites.

#L – Does my control panel have any limiting features? Is there an additional cost for an upgraded version?

The sky — or space if you prefer – is the limit. We do have some add-ons that will augment your operation in addition to your account, but it in no way affects your control panel functions. Once you’ve signed on for your account you will have everything you need to get started immediately.

#M – Is it possible to just buy the control panel software and load it on my own dedicated server?

Not possible – our control panel software is proprietary and was only built to work with the TrueHybrid hosting system.

DNS and IP’s

#N – What is the status of The Hosting System with IP addresses – singular and multiple?

We make it simple for you by handling all the IP address work ourselves. Your website is very secure because it is actually hosted across multiple IP addresses on multiple servers. As a result, you don’t have a unique IP address, so that if an IP address fails, our load balancing layer process picks up the slack through one of the other IP/servers combinations. This multiple IP system allows your web content to remain online.

#O – Do I need to provide my own IP addresses?

IP space is no problem at Trimariner Internet Services – just bring us your sites, we’ll supply the IP addresses.

#P – Can I run my own DNS on The Hosting System?

Another great component of The Hosting System is that you have the capability to accomplish many things like you would on a dedicated server. However, if you use your own DNS — which you can — you will be losing out on the unlimited access you get with the clustered, geographical redundant domain name system. In addition to that fact, our intuitive web interface makes configuring DNS a piece of cake on The Hosting System.

#Q – What are the Hosting System’s name servers? Are private name servers available?

The name servers are dns1.stabletransit.com and dns2.stabletransit.com. Trimariner Internet Services does not currently offer private label name servers, but it is something we are considering for the future. If you would like to interject some information on the matter, contact us at DNS@Trimariner Internet Services.com


#R – Does The Hosting System offer webmail services? I access my email constantly.

Of course we do! Our modern Ajax-powered mail application is the best webmail interface anywhere. In fact, a great many of our clients use our webmail system as their main email source. We also provide a handy cell and PDA format, so you can stay connected away from your PC or MAC. Additionally, you can access your desktop mail through both IMAP and POP protocols.

#S – Anti-virus protection is a big deal for me. What type of anti-virus protection do you offer?

The Hosting System provides all email accounts with a pre-set and enabled Antivirus protection component. By using two different software technologies, our email gateways are filtered in two stages when accepting incoming messages. Our software automatically detects and removes any virus, and then the message is delivered. The latest updates are set to automatically download virus definitions. We have also devised our system to ensure that delivery is not slowed down because of a large virus outbreak.

Software Applications and Other Features

#1 – What applications, if any, are installed on my account by default?

None, since we prefer to think of your account as a clean slate. Therefore, you can add the scripts and programs you need. However, we have some special magic brewing up our sleeves. This magic could enable you to set up some current Web applications by a much easier method. Stay tuned!

#2 – Can The Hosting System have most programs loaded onto it?

As long as the script meets standard server requirements, almost every Web application will run well on our system. As mentioned previously, any technology works better in its native environment. Our TrueHybrid model will comfortably assimilate your application into The Hosting System. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions about an application.

#3 – Does Trimariner Internet Services offer any website building tools?

Website creation tools just aren’t our bailiwick at this particular time. We leave that expertise to the professionals. You are welcome to use any web development software you choose. Every application available should work just great with The Hosting System.

#4 – Does The Hosting System support Ruby on Rails?

Yes we do! In fact we are offering a new and powerful Ruby on Rails. Ruby sites are powered with the LiteSpeed webserver and can provide from 2 to 8 processes per site. This is all combined with 128 to 512 megabytes of memory.

#5 – Which versions of .NET does The Hosting System support?

We support .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0 and .Net 3.0 frameworks.

#6 – Are other add-ons available, such as: shopping carts, e-commerce application, or SSL certificates?

Your hosting account is open to the installation of any shopping carts or other web applications you desire. SSL services are available for every site account you purchase, and they incur a small additional monthly fee.

#7 – Does Trimariner Internet Services offer the capability to add streaming video to my site?

Almost…we are currently in the process of rolling this functionality out. We’ll keep you informed and let you know when video streaming will be available.


#8 – How does Trimariner Internet Services support operate?

Our support system goes beyond the average discount hosting companies. Our teams are available 24/7 with chat and phone support. We also position our support technicians, admins and developers within close proximity to one another to facilitate a quick response time to your questions or issues.

#9 – What are the methods for contacting support? Does support cost extra? Am I only allowed a certain numbers of incidents or credits?

You can contact your specific account manager and/or one of our expert support team members 24/7. You have our full attention and you are not limited to the amount of time you spend. We’re here to answer your questions and to resolve your issues through our extensive knowledge base. We provide a myriad of ways to contact us: live chat, phone, and user forums.

#10 – What level of support do you provide?

The support team here at Trimariner Internet Services can provide assistance with our control panel, basic website troubleshooting issues, and any general connectivity items for web, mail, webmail, ftp, and database issues. However, our team cannot assist you with installing any paid, opensource, or custom code with PHP, ASP, .NET, etc. We would like to help in anyway we can, so we will endeavor to direct you to the best of our ability should you need help installing a particular script.

#11 – Support is available what times of the day/evening?

The support team is available 24/7, so regardless of the day or time of day, we’re there to you’re your day or evening.

#12 – Does Trimariner Internet Services have any member forums?

Building a designer and developer community is paramount to our view on providing excelled support. The Hosting System development team is comprised of industry veterans that specifically designed this product with web designers and developers in mind. We are anxious for your feedback and we want to promote “an open door” policy regarding our system and the best methods for optimizing our goal of providing the premier web hosting experience.


#13 – How does your billing system work?

Our billing system revolves around a 30 day system, so you are billed every 30 days based on the day you signed up for service. The charges are based on your recurring account amount and any additional fees you may want to add along the way. Your credit card is charged the first day you sign up for service, and every subsequent 30 days thereafter.

#14 – What billing company name will appear on my credit card bill?

Your credit card statement will reflect the name “The Hosting System”.

#15 – What types of payment does Trimariner Internet Services accept?

Currently, Trimariner Internet Services only accepts credit cards payments from the following companies: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

#16 – How would I close my account?

In order to close your account, you may contact billing by dialing 1-778-855-1926.


#17 – Does Trimariner Internet Services offer a referral bonus? Are there any discounts available?

We do not offer discounts or referral bonuses at this time. There is a good chance that some type of referral program may be offered at a later date. We’ll keep you informed.

#18 – Does a solution partner program exist?

We do not offer such a program at this time.

#19 – Do you offer a discount for annually paid accounts?

The only billing terms available at this time are month-to-month. That gives us the opportunity to prove our excelled service each month.

#20 – I’d like to purchase multiple hosting accounts. Do I receive a discount?

We are not offering discounts for multiple accounts, but you are getting an extremely reliable and stable system anyway. We certainly won’t limit the number of accounts you need either, so feel free to purchase as many hosting accounts as you need.

Trimariner Internet Services Client Support Services for Developers

#21 – Can I use your support services for my clients?

The customer support service we have in place can make your time-consuming technical support calls a bygone task. Our unlimited 24-hour phone and chat support can relieve a lot of burdens for you. This service only costs $3.00 per month for each supported domain. You can select us to provide support for some or all of your domains.

#22 – How would my clients contact your support team?

When support has been activated for a given domain, your client can choose to enter a live chat support call directly from the control panel. The client may also call us directly to speak to someone from our support team via a local or toll-free number. Both chat and phone support options are available 24/7.

#23 – What are your support hours?

Our dedicated support team members are available 24/7 all 365 days of the year. You will be conversing with a live person based out of our main office in the United States.

#24 – When my clients call, who can they expect to be on the other end?

The same team of knowledgeable experts that answer your questions will assist your client with their questions as well. Our support and billing experts will promptly review your questions or issues and handle them in an expedient manner.

#25 – How will the support team identify themselves?

We actually direct our support team to respond that we work for you, which is the truth. However, if your client’s question concerns something based on your design, web implementation, or other projects, we will direct them to you (we will leave this direction of operation up to you).

#26 – Can you tell me the initial phone greeting my clients will experience?

Our support team has been directed to answer your client support phone calls and live chats with the following opening: “Web Hosting Technical Support, this is <Service Rep’s Name>. How can I help you?”. This is the standard greeting provided and this will give the client the impression that our complete customer support team represents your company.

#27 – Will your support team actively contact my clients to provide outbound support as well?

Trimariner Internet Services prides itself on going that extra mile to satisfy our clients. While most calls will be initiated by your clients, we will definitely perform outgoing calls to your resolve your clients requests. These calls, regardless of the client’s location around the world, are not charged to your account.

#28 – Where is Trimariner Internet Services support team located?

We realize that most people expect to have technical support teams outsourced from halfway around the world. The Trimariner team is located in the United States and we promise not to outsource any support team members, ever. All cross functional issues are quickly resolved because our team members are positioned in our offices so close to one another — cozy but effective. We also ensure our support team members meet your needs, so we closely monitor our interactions between our team and your clients.

#29 – How extensive is the support level your team provides to my clients?

The support team here at Trimariner Internet Services can provide assistance with your client’s use of our control panel, basic website troubleshooting issues, and any general connectivity items for web, mail, webmail, ftp, and database issues. However, our team cannot assist your client with installing any paid, opensource, or custom code with PHP, ASP, .NET, etc. We would like to help in anyway we can, so we will endeavor to direct your client to the best of our ability should they need help installing a particular script.

#30 – What is a typical response time that my clients might expect from your support team?

Your clients can expect to talk with a live person within 60 seconds of their phone call or control panel live chat. The support team is staffed around the clock to meet your client’s needs in order to resolve their issues ASAP.